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Are you a devoted player who appreciates discussing his thoughts with a broader audience while spending most of his leisure time playing different PC video games? You have a great chance to be featured on the pelisplus by writing for our Gaming. If you are a professional and skilled player with in-depth knowledge of games and Gaming, give yourself a chance to write for us, Gaming.

Many game enthusiasts will read your content. We constantly seek exceptional writers who can write for us and produce high-quality content for our website’s players. No matter what genre you enjoy writing in-game tutorials, news, expert reviews, or other practical advice, you are always invited to video game write for us.

At Pelisplus, we seek skillful writers who can produce charming and relevant content for our clients. We are looking for writers who have a crucifixion for writing, a good understanding of SEO’s best application, and the capacity to craft compelling stories that will resonate with our target spectators. We would love to hear from you if you believe you have what it takes.

Why Should You Gaming Write For Us?

A fantastic method to demonstrate your knowledge and position yourself as an authority in the industry is to Gaming write for us. You also gain visibility from our compassion and social media networks.

It exposes you to more people who may not have previously encountered you or your writing. They will click on your link and read more of your material if you write for us, Gaming.

Types of Categories on Which You Can Video Game Write For Us

We are particularly interested in posts that have a big emphasis. Here are some general categories you can “write for us video game. “

What Are We Looking For?

You can send an outline to write for us, technology, music, and business, along with a rough draft, partial draught, or a brief pitch, a paragraph or two that summarises your position. If your contribution is more detailed, we can provide more fabulous comments. Remember that we only publish unique content and never reuse content already used elsewhere.

Post Submission Guidelines: How to Write and Submit an Article

If you’re eager to share your knowledge, insights, or stories with our audience through an article submission, adhering to specific guidelines is vital. By following these instructions, you can ensure that your content meets our standards and maximizes its impact. Please carefully read and follow the post-submission guidelines outlined below:

Compelling and Unique Content:

When crafting your article, aim for compelling, unique, high-quality content that our audience will love and enjoy reading. Avoid duplicating existing articles or plagiarizing content from other sources. We manually check for plagiarism to maintain the authenticity of our platform.

Effective Use of Headings:

To enhance the clarity and structure of your post, make proper use of headings and subheadings. Utilize H2, H3, and H4 headings to effectively organize your content and guide readers through the article.

Proofreading for Errors:

Before submitting your article, proofread it at least twice to eliminate spelling, sentence, or grammatical errors. This step ensures your content is polished and professional, providing readers with an enjoyable reading experience.

Eye-Catchy Title:

Craft an eye-catching and attractive title for your article. Aim to keep it under 60 characters to optimize its search engine optimization (SEO) potential. A concise title will engage readers and increase the chances of your article being discovered.

Minimum Word Count and Links:

Ensure that your blog post meets the minimum requirement of 600 words. You may include one relevant link within the article, but it should add value to readers rather than being solely for promotional purposes. Affiliate links are not permitted.

Copyright and Image Guidelines:

Include copyright-free images in your article. If attribution is required for a picture, provide proper credit. The recommended size for the featured photo is 1200×768 pixels, while in-content images should be 750×450 pixels. Adhering to these image dimensions will maintain consistency across our platform.

Enhancing with Videos:

Consider supplementing your article with relevant videos. Incorporating videos can enhance the blog’s content, giving readers more power and understanding.

Exclusivity and Republishing:

Do not submit posts that have been published elsewhere. We expect unique content for our platform. Similarly, if your content is published on our site, refrain from making it live on any other platform.

Internal and External Links:

Including internal and external links throughout your article where relevant is recommended. These links should provide additional value to readers and align with the topic discussed. We will reject any irrelevant or excessive linking.

Language Requirement:

Please write your article in English, as this is the language used on our platform.

Adhering to these post-submission guidelines ensures that your article aligns with our quality standards and maximizes its impact on our readers. We appreciate your contribution and look forward to receiving your compelling content.

How to Submit Your Work on PelisPlus?

Please send us your entry via editor.thepelisplus@gmail.com. Google docs are preferred for submissions so editors can readily comment and offer advice within your draught.

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